A Slimy Visitor!

Year One were very surprised to find a slimy mess on the playground this week!

There was also a letter from a monster called Slimy Steve! The children had to use their phonics to decode the letter as he’s not very good at spelling!

The children were very eager to check the school CCTV footage to see if the slimy visitor had been caught on camera…


We also listened to Miss Zauscinski telling us what she spotted at Crown Point North…

We decided to make some WANTED posters to try and find him:

Jaxon even designed a trap to try and catch Slimy Steve!


On Friday we came in to discover that cheeky Slimy Steve had returned and left his underpants to dry in our classrooms!

Slimy Steve also left us a little present! It was a gift to thank us for letting him dry his pants in our classrooms!


We had lots of fun matching the underpants to their monster owners and measuring the underpants with rulers and cubes!

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