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Eggcellent Easter Bonnets!

Wow! We looked fabulous in our Easter bonnets! Thank you to parents and friends for your effort and creativity. We enjoyed showing them off in assembly!

Easter Homework by Kyran

In the holidays I played with Ella my little sister, we had lots of fun and ate lots of chocolate. My favourite day was when we got the swimming pool out and had a bbq.

Easter Homework by Logan

In the first week of my Easter holidays I had swimming lessons at denton baths. At the beginning of my swimming lesson I had yellow and orange arm bands on, Half way through my lesson my swimming teacher told me to take off the orange arm band and I felt confident doing this as she told me I was doing very well.
Also This Easter holiday I visited my Nanna and grandads caravan in wales. When we was there I enjoyed doing peppa pig activities, I built a castle with my Nanna that had knights and horses, I also went swimming in the pools there and did more practicing and by the end of the swimming session I had no arm bands on.

Easter Homework by Saif

I went to the trafford centre and spent the day at legoland and sealife. I really liked legoland in particular the lego slide and the climbing wall.
I had a great time with family. It was brilliant.

Easter Homework by Lily

In the Easter holidays I did lots of fun things. I went to the cinema twice to watch beauty and the beast and boss baby. I also went to a Easter disco with my sister eve and did lots of dancing. I went to three different parks. On Good Friday I went to a fun day with my taekwondo team we played lots of games and I won a medal. For the first time I did some rock climbing with my aunty Hayley I climbed very high.

Easter Homework by Joseph

I went to Chester Zoo with Nanna and Grandad. I also went to Arudel Castle, Sea Life, Peppa Pig World and the cinema to see Power Rangers and The Boss Baby

Easter Homework by Ava

On Easter Sunday we went to the pub for my cousins birthday and had lots of fun! Then we went to Isabel’s for tea and we had pizza it was yummy.
By Ava Byrne

Easter Homework by Mia

In the Easter holidays Niamh had a sleepover and I made my Easter bonnet. I also had a sleepover at Auntie Shells with Isabella and watched Moana. I also went on a trip with Rainbows to Tatton Park and we went on a tractor I had a really good day. I took Willis for a walk in the woods one day it was very hot and Willis got tired. I went to the pictures to watch Boss baby and laughed a lot. On Easter weekend I went to a party at Hamleys in the Trafford Centre . My favourite thing was learning how to ride my bike with no stabilisers. I was really busy and had lots of fun.

Easter Homework by Lewis M

Over the Easter break I went to Easter activity camp did lots of sport and arts and crafts.
I also got lots of Easter eggs and spent time with my family

Easter Homework by Isabel

During the Easter holidays I went to Birmingham with my mum,Dad and brother,we visited cadburys world a chocolate factory.We ate lots of chocolate and watched a magician. We also went to Dudley zoo and saw lots of animals including a baby organutan play fighting with its mum. I have also been helping in the garden digging up roots and weeds. I’m looking forward to go back to school.

Easter Homework by Brooke

I went to Morecambe in a caravan with my cousins. We went swimming and I swam like a mermaid.
We had a disco and I met Sparky and Sparkle who are the campsite characters.

Easter Homework by Ajay

On my Easter holidays I went to the farm with my friends and mum. I got to feed the animals and the ducks too I had a lot of fun I liked the horse there. I went to my friends house and played on the trampoline with my friends Emily lily and lacy and roan and had tea there.i went to the pictures to watch boss baby it was really funny I also played in my hot tub with my friends with the music on I had a lot fun this Easter holidays.

Easter Homework by Maisie F

On my school holiday I went to see beauty and the beast with my mum and I went to Heidi’s birthday party. Easter weekend wrote had a easter egg hunt and got lots of chocolate.

Easter Homework by Ruby

I went to the pictures with my mum,dad and sister to watch the beauty and the beast,we had a lovely time eating popcorn and slushes and sweets. We went to see my auntie tammy who we haven’t seen for ages which was nice,she is lovely ,phoebe came to my house to play with me and we had nice Sunday dinner with profiteroles

Easter Homework by Luis A

I went to Edinburgh it was a long journey and it took 4 hours. I went on the Queens boat and we had to spot corgis. After that I went to the castle and it was on a big hill and we saw lots of interesting swords and guns.

Easter Homework by Bobby P

On Monday we went to Blackpool. We went on our bikes, played on the pier and on the beach. It was sunny but windy. On Tuesday we went climbing and I beat my best time. On Thursday we went go karting and I won the race. On Saturday we went trampolining and I was practicing somersaults with my mummy.
On Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt and I found most of the eggs but I shared with Toby.

Easter Homework by Imogen

During the Easter holidays I have been playing with my friends Olivia and Madison. I have been swimming at the Aquatics Centre in Manchester. I have been shopping to buy some new summer clothes and new trainers. I went to Ask Italian with my Mum and Jess.
On Easter Sunday I got lots of Easter eggs.

Easter Homework by Blake

I was very poorly for the first week but when I got better I got the train to Blackpool zoo to see all the animals.My favourite animals was the Penguins because there really good at swimming.

Easter Homework by Harrisson

We have been looking after two baby lambs at my house. I have called them Maisy and max. We feed them bottles of milk. They like playing football with Louie and me.

Easter Homework by Blake

I was very poorly for the first week but when I got better I went to Blackpool zoo to see all the animals I had a great time. My favourite animals was the Penguins because the can swim really fast.

Easter Homework by Millie

In the holidays I did lots of things. I went bowling and I came last ?. I went to the cinema first we watched The Smurfs and made a new friend called Millie.
Then I went again and watched Boss Baby it was funny. On Easter Sunday I had lots of Easter Eggs.