Goodbye Miss Coggan

Tomorrow will be a very sad day as we say goodbye to Miss Coggan who is leaving us this year. This morning we had a special assembly to celebrate Miss Coggan and thank her for her hard work at Russell Scott.

Good luck Miss Coggan and please keep in touch!

Apple Distinguished 1K!

We are very proud of Miss Kingsley as she has been accepted as an Apple Distinguished Educator for the class of 2017! She went to London and showed our exciting CCTV footage to lots of teachers! We enjoyed taking selfies with her award. We’re all Apple Distinguished!

Marvellous Monster Day!

We had an amazing Monster Day yesterday! We looked roarsome in our outfits and had so much fun! Thank you to parents and friends for your efforts and donations.


We painted monster pictures:

We decorated monster biscuits:


We learnt and performed the Monster Bop!:


Monster Day

You should’ve received a letter yesterday about our Monster Day on Wednesday 26th July.

We look forward to seeing your little monsters for some lots of monster fun!

A Visit from Tony Walsh!

Wow, what lucky children we are at Russell Scott!

Today we were visited by the famous poet Tony Walsh. We went to a special assembly where he told us about his life growing up in Denton and performed some of his brilliant poems.

Some of his poems were about the importance of books and reading. He worked really hard at primary school and then Audenshaw High School to become a poet. How inspiring!

Well done to Ellis in 1K, who read the text on our Manchester mural so well that Tony invited him to come to the front to help him perform his poem about Manchester!

We were so entertained by Tony’s funny poems, that we were inspired to create our own this afternoon!


How To Make Monster Slime!

On Tuesday morning, Year 1 were surprised to find a bucket of slime in the classroom:

We dug around in the gooey slime and found a set of instructions for making monster slime!

We followed the instructions and made our own little cups of monster slime, complete with fangs and dragon eyeballs!

Then we wrote a set of instructions should you wish to make your own!

Phonics Homework by Brooke

I made phonics Jenga by writing the phonic sounds on each block. I wrote them so that you couldn’t see what it was until the block was taken out of the stack.

A Slimy Visitor!

Year One were very surprised to find a slimy mess on the playground this week!

There was also a letter from a monster called Slimy Steve! The children had to use their phonics to decode the letter as he’s not very good at spelling!

The children were very eager to check the school CCTV footage to see if the slimy visitor had been caught on camera…


We also listened to Miss Zauscinski telling us what she spotted at Crown Point North…

We decided to make some WANTED posters to try and find him:

Jaxon even designed a trap to try and catch Slimy Steve!


On Friday we came in to discover that cheeky Slimy Steve had returned and left his underpants to dry in our classrooms!

Slimy Steve also left us a little present! It was a gift to thank us for letting him dry his pants in our classrooms!


We had lots of fun matching the underpants to their monster owners and measuring the underpants with rulers and cubes!

Phenomenal Phonics!

This week Year 1 have impressed all the adults with their super phonics knowledge! Well done Year 1!

Their individual score in the Phonics Screening Check will be sent home with the end of year report.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Kingsley and Miss Coggan

Phonics Homework by Mia

I made Phonics Twister with a sheet . I put 16 circles. Then i painted the 16 circles and in each 16 circles I put a sound in each circle. Then I made a spinner to get the colour and right or left foot or right or left hand .The colours are Red,Blue,Yellow and Green. When you land on a circle you have to make a word using that sound.

Phonics Homework by Amelia

We made the sounds and corresponding pictures into a jigsaw. Amelia had to find the sound and correct picture. When she had she had to say that sound.

Phonics Homework by Bobby P

I made hopscotch in the park using my phonics and chalk. It was fun.
I also wrote an origami game with my sounds and it was harder then the hopscotch . I played it with mummy and daddy. It helped me with my phonics and I was really good with sounds.

Phonics Homework

Your child will take the Year One Phonic Screening Check after the half term break. We’d like pupils to make a phonics game for their holiday homework. Click here to read the sheet which is in the blue homework book.

We’d love to see your games. Use the form below to upload a photo and add a description.

Have a lovely break,

The Year One Team

Phonics Homework

Please upload a photo of your phonics game.



We’ve been learning about Fairtrade foods and where they come from. We know to look out for the Fairtrade logo as buying these products helps farmers earn enough money to buy clothes and food.