Surprising Sharks!

Last week we learned all about sharks. We have learnt lots of fascinating facts through reading our book  “Surprising Sharks”, completing our shark reading trail, reading shark fact pages and asking writing questions for Miss Coggan’s friend Ed, who works with sharks!

We labelled the different features of a book (Surprising Sharks) and a fact page.

Here we are enjoying our shark reading trail!

Ed the Shark Conservationist answered our questions.


Amazing animal workshop!

We had an enjoyable and interesting workshop with Andrew from Animals In-Tuition yesterday. He brought lots of his special pets for us to meet and learn about. We met a snake, a rabbit, a lizard, a tree frog, a pair of sandfish, a hedgehog and a guinea pig!

Thank you to Andrew for visiting us and teaching us so much! We enjoyed sharing our animal knowledge with you, too!