Safer Internet Day 2017

Today is Safer Internet Day, so we discussed what to do if we come across a picture or video that scares or upsets us online. Here is the advice from the UK Safer Internet Centre:

We also talked about stranger danger online and we understand that we should never click a link or open a photo or video sent by someone who we don’t know in real life. We wrote some rules for online safety and even recorded them using Chatterpix on the iPads.

Can you think of any more important rules?













Oi Frog!

As an introduction to our new topic on animals, we have been enjoying the story ‘Oi Frog!’ by Kes Gray this week. It is a very funny rhyming book!

We wrote in role as the animals, using ‘and’, exclamation marks and some of us even used speech marks! We had to make sure our sentences rhymed and we even made up our own rhymes!

Then we used Chatterpix on the iPads to talk in role as the animals:

The Hour of Code

This week, students around the world are doing an hour of coding known as the Hour of Code. We have been using Espresso Coding all term and can now program multiple characters to move across the screen. Today we were led by the digital leaders, who taught us how to make a bubble disappear when you click it!

You can find out more about the Hour of Code here.


How to trap the Tooth Fairy!

Last week we received a message from Peter Pan. He was annoyed because the Tooth Fairy had taken his tooth but forgotten to leave him a coin!

We decided to make some very clever tooth fairy traps to teach her a lesson. Here are some instructions for you to make a trap at home! Check out our amazing traps…

01-12-2016-102402 01-12-2016-102640 01-12-2016-102907 01-12-2016-103209 01-12-2016-103504 01-12-2016-114742 01-12-2016-114852

The next day we checked the CCTV…

We also received a message from the Tooth Fairy herself, challenging us to write a set of instructions.

06-12-2016-080227 06-12-2016-080237

Cottingley Fairies

Have you ever heard of the Cottingley Fairies? After listening to the story of the fake fairy photographs, we decided to make some of our own, using Explain Everything on our iPads. Can you spot our fairy friends?

Firework Poems

We have been working very hard writing firework poems. We used Book Creator on the iPad to record them.

What do you think?