Caught on CCTV!

On Friday we arrived at school to find Eddie the elf sitting on top of the playground CCTV camera, holding a present!

We checked the CCTV and couldn’t believe our eyes!

Check out our brilliant writing, too!

Caught on CCTV!

We arrived at school to find another mess this morning! Our cheeky elves were doing flour angels!

We checked the CCTV footage and found that our homemade CCTV cameras had caught something going on in the bay area…

After watching the CCTV, we wrote about today’s shenanigans. We’re getting so good at using exclamation marks!


Caught on CCTV!

This morning we came into class to find a bit of a muddy mess on the carpet!

We checked the footage from our homemade CCTV cameras and saw that the classroom cameras had caught something hilarious!

We did some super writing, using ‘and’, -ed endings and exclamation marks.

Eddie the elf!

We have a new visitor at school! Eddie the elf arrived yesterday with a letter explaining that the school CCTV cameras are broken and challenging us to make our own. We followed the instructions, made the cameras and put them around school.

We can’t wait to check the footage tomorrow…

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