Tinkerbell is alive!

We rushed into school yesterday to see if our medicines has saved Tinkerbell and found her sitting up in the classroom! We were very relieved.

We checked the CCTV…

We also had a message from Peter Pan, telling us that Hook was planning to poison all the fairies in Neverland! He asked us to write a set of instructions for making fairy medicine so that he can save the fairies.

What do you think of our writing?

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A magical surprise!

This morning we arrived at school to find a fairy door, some fairy dust, a mysterious bag and balloons hanging from the ceiling! We checked the CCTV and decided that a fairy must have visited our classroom!

image image

Inside the bag was a note from a fairy called Bessie-Belle, challenging us to pop the balloons, find the notes hidden inside and complete her rhyming challenges!

We were VERY excited about popping the balloons:

image image image image image

We read the challenges in our groups and filled in the rhyming words!

image image image image image image

Finally, we read the story ‘Freddie and the Fairy’ which is about a kind fairy called Bessie-Belle who wants to grant Freddie’s wishes, but can’t hear very well and gets them wrong! Freddie has to learn to speak clearly so that she can understand him. What a magical surprise!