Spooky Measuring

Our spooky week has involved lots of measuring. We have been learning how to measure length, height and capacity. On Monday we were using rulers and cubes to measure some very freaky things that appeared in our classroom, and today we have been using measuring jugs to measure out different quantities of Witch’s Potion….now, who could have made that?!



image image

How to make Halloween potion…

Our teachers had the day off yesterday and were replaced by two wicked witches! Miss Kingsley and Miss Coggan were back as usual today, but Witch Kingsley and Witch Coggan had left us a spooky surprise!


After smelling the disgusting Halloween potion, we watched a video message from the witches, teaching us how to make it!

We described the icky ingredients and wrote the first part of a set of instructions:


image image image image image

Come back tomorrow to read the second part of our instructions!