Crzy bt Ks Gry! (Can you read this without the vowels?!)

As part of our World Book Day activities, each year group has been learning about an author this week. Our author of the week is Kes Gray, who has written lots of funny books.


You can find lots of interesting information about Kes Gray by clicking here to visit his website.

On Tuesday we enjoyed ‘Oi Dog’, which is the sequel to ‘Oi Frog’. We wrote in role as the animals from the story…

On Wednesday we read the hilarious ‘Quick Quack Quentin’ and enjoyed a vowel hunt!

Then we took the vowels out of our names which really tickled us!

Then we read information about Kes Gray and answered questions. Did you know that Kes Gray supports Manchester United?

On Friday we enjoyed our favourite Kes Gray book – Nuddy Ned! Here is our very own Miss Coggan reading the cheeky story:

We planned and wrote our own versions of Nuddy Ned! What do you think?

Here are some more Kes Gray stories to enjoy at home:

Oi Frog!

As an introduction to our new topic on animals, we have been enjoying the story ‘Oi Frog!’ by Kes Gray this week. It is a very funny rhyming book!

We wrote in role as the animals, using ‘and’, exclamation marks and some of us even used speech marks! We had to make sure our sentences rhymed and we even made up our own rhymes!

Then we used Chatterpix on the iPads to talk in role as the animals: