Cress Heads

Last week we made our very own cress heads. We decorated cups with silly faces, planted cress seeds inside and waited to see what happened. On Monday we came into school and found that over the weekend our cress heads had all sprouted lovely, green hair!

A visit from the Farm

Today we were lucky enough to visit a farm….in Russell Scott’s car park! A mobile farm brought their animals for us to hold, stroke and look at. We saw 2 sheep with big horns, 4 rabbits, a guinea pig with very floppy hair and 2 alpacas! We asked lots of questions about the animals and even took some animal selfies! The children were all very well behaved and we had a fabulous time.

Dino skeleton art!

We’ve enjoyed learning about dinosaurs this week. Check out our dino skeleton pictures! Can you see what we used for the bones?

Crazy about Chameleons!

This week we have been learning all about chameleons. We read information about them, wrote facts and created lots of lovely chameleon artwork!

Did you know that a chameleon has a long, sticky tongue for catching its prey? It can change colour for camouflage and also when it feels angry, scared or poorly. Do you know any interesting facts about chameleons? Please leave them as a comment.

What do you think of our work?

Amazing animal workshop!

We had an enjoyable and interesting workshop with Andrew from Animals In-Tuition yesterday. He brought lots of his special pets for us to meet and learn about. We met a snake, a rabbit, a lizard, a tree frog, a pair of sandfish, a hedgehog and a guinea pig!

Thank you to Andrew for visiting us and teaching us so much! We enjoyed sharing our animal knowledge with you, too!

Spooky Measuring

Our spooky week has involved lots of measuring. We have been learning how to measure length, height and capacity. On Monday we were using rulers and cubes to measure some very freaky things that appeared in our classroom, and today we have been using measuring jugs to measure out different quantities of Witch’s Potion….now, who could have made that?!



image image

Investigating the best material for a waterproof bear cave!

On Monday we had fun investigating waterproof materials. We learn that tinfoil or plastic would be best to keep a bear dry in its cave.


Today we made bear caves using plasticine, covered them in the waterproof material and put them outside on the playground. Fingers crossed for rain so we can test them out!

image image image